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Gale Legal Forms

Gale LegalForms helps you to understand common legal procedures and documents that are specific to your state. With a large library of customizable forms, a dictionary of legal terms, and a place to ask questions and get answers, Gale LegalForms is an effective way to get essential legal services that would otherwise cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Each form is drafted by attorneys who specialize in specific areas of legal practice, and you can download as many forms as you want. Whether you’re making a living will, settling a landlord/tenant dispute, or wondering who covers the cost for a broken fence, Gale LegalForms will have what you need. 


Westlaw is a legal research resource that will allow you to search for cases, statures, forms (including divorce, bankruptcy, immigration, wills, estate planning, etc.) and more.

Access is available on all computers at seven of our eight locations (every location but Burrowsville) or available from home.

To access this resource from home click on the button above. Then call 804-458-6329 ext. 1001 and ask to speak with a librarian. The librarian can get you a temporary username and password that is good for three hours (if additional time is needed another username and password will be given).

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