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Exam Proctoring

ARLS offers free proctoring for a variety of exams, including college courses. Exams can be proctored at any of our 3 locations that have meeting rooms, Hopewell, Prince George, & McKenney. Exams can be proctored any day of the week and they can be digital or paper.  We can usually provide a laptop for online exams unless special software is needed. Please call and ask if that is the case.

Tests need to be scheduled a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Depending on the test, 48 hours may not be enough time if we need to be approved by a university or have the test mailed to the library. Please do not mail exams to the library without previously making contact.

To schedule a proctor please contact Adult Services Librarian, Cathy Field either by phone 804-458-6329 x1008, or email

*The library also proctors online driving courses, court-ordered or otherwise. These short driving tests, do not need an appointment and can be taken at the Hopewell library as a walk-in. Your online course will have the library listed if we are an approved facility. Please arrive at least one hour prior to closing and know that our wi-fi turns off 15 minutes before we close, so plan accordingly. If you have any questions about a driving test please call 804-458-6329.