Summer Reading

ARLS 2022 Summer Reading Program

June 1- August 13, 2022

Children's and Teen's Summer Reading 

Kids of ALL ages, make sure to come in and register for the Summer Reading Program at your library! Read books, come to fun library programs win prizes!

Ages 0-5: Read 30 Books

Ages 6-12: Read 6 Books

Ages 13-18: Read 4 Books

Want to join Summer Reading, but prefer to log your books online? Get started with Beanstalk available online or download the Beanstalk app store! Logs can also be picked up at any of our locations.

ARLS Beanstack


Adult Summer Reading 

Adults can choose to participate in the regular/classic mode or the Parenting edition where you read to a young child in your care.

Adults must read 4 books between June 1 and August 13th. The front of the form has Challenge Categories if you would like to try to test yourself and read within the themed categories. The back of the form needs to be filled out, and if you don't want to use the Challenge Categories they can check the "opt-out" box in the back to read any 4 books you want.

For the parenting edition, the idea is the same, parents read 10 picture books to their children between June 1 and August 13th. There are challenge categories or you can "opt-out" as well.

Both the parenting and adult logs can be picked up from any of our locations, or can be downloaded and printed.

All finishers receive an ARLS branded tote, new this year in 2022. They are dark green and have a fun library quote on them!  All finishers are also entered to win a grand prize, and this year the grand prize will be an iPad.

  • Audiobooks count as books.
  • People should only participate in one way, either classic or parenting.
  • Opting out of the challenge categories is great and welcome and we just want to give people ways to participate while still making it interesting for some.

Adult Summer Reading Challenge 2022

Parenting Summer Reading Challenge 2022

A woman standing in front of a library bookshelf carrying a green tote bag with a library quote on it. Peaking out of the bag is a book.