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Our 3rd Annual, Animals Along the Appomattox!

April 1st-30th, 2024

Animals Along the Appomattox is a full month of love and support for local shelters and animals! We will host an adoption fair, collect donations, showcase adoptable animals, and more! Check our Explore for more information on all our programs!

Donation List!

We are working with The Dinwiddie County Animal Shelter, Prince George Animal Services, and the Hopewell Animal Shelter to collect donations. Items will stay in their locality meaning if you donate in Dinwiddie, it will go to Dinwiddie.


AAA Mascot!

In 2024 we selected a new library mascot! We had 16 submissions for a new mascot this year including one sassy chicken. Our winner was Peeves! Peeves was adopted by his owner 9 years ago, loves mystery novels, and felt the mascot photo shoot was only his due. 

9 animals are featured in colored squares around a central larger image of a cat, he is grey and white and wearing a bandana.

You’ll see Peeves at our libraries (with Max) in April! If you see him tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

In 2019 we ran a staff mascot competition. 26 pets were submitting including one cow, one pig, and one rooster. Max, an adorable adoptee from Dinwiddie county was selected.