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**The library will be using a new online system to reserve rooms starting in January. At this time no reservations are being accepted for January or beyond to help ensure a smooth transition. If your room reservation is for the City of Hopewell, the County of Prince George, or the County Dinwiddie please call 804-458-6329 x1008. We are confident this change will be a positive experience for patrons and staff and appreciate your patience.**

Meeting rooms are available at three branches; Hopewell, Prince George, and McKenney. These meeting rooms range in size from study rooms, hosting a maximum of 2 people, to large meeting rooms, with a maximum of 110. Some rooms have projectors, whiteboards, or kitchenettes, but not all rooms have all equipment. The library does not discriminate in making premises available for use on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, disability, ancestry, national origin, place of birth, age, or political expression. Granting the use of its facilities does not imply approval by the library of the group, meeting, or the ideas presented at the meeting.


To fill out the online form:

Online reservations must be made more than 24 hours in advance. Day-of reservations are allowed in-person, as long as the room is not previously booked. When filling out the application provide accurate details. The library may contact you if not enough information is provided on the application. Do not select “Non-Profit” unless you are a verified 501(c)(3) organization. You will receive an email saying your application has been received, and you will receive another email when your application is accepted or denied.


Please see the following rules:

  1. Reservations are restricted to four hours.
  2. All reservations must conclude half an hour before closing time.
  3. Only one reservation may be held per patron/group at a time.
  4. For-profit business is not allowed on library premises, this includes activities designed to lead to for-profit business including but not limited to training, recruitment, and interviews.
  5. Admission fees may not be charged to people attending meetings. Fundraising activities, except those sponsored by the Appomattox Regional Library System, may not be conducted in the meeting rooms.
  6. The library is unable to accommodate events of a social or personal nature (e.g. birthday parties, funerals, reunions, etc.).
  7. Library staff is not responsible for answering questions from an outside source about meeting room reservations. The library’s contact information cannot be placed on any promotional material.
  8. Users are responsible for the disposal of any food or beverages. No alcoholic beverages allowed.
  9. Reservations must be made with a patron library card in good standing. The patron whose card is used is financially responsible for any damage to the room or materials in the room.
  10. The library assumes no responsibility for loss, damage, or liability/injury that may arise through use of the facility.
  11. The library reserves the right to cancel or adjust a room reservation.

For the complete policy and regulations please refer to section 12.1::

The director of the library is authorized to establish administrative procedures, rules, and guidelines necessary for the administration of this policy.

The Appomattox Regional Library, City of Hopewell, County of Dinwiddie, County of Prince George takes precedence in scheduling and are not subject to the guidelines of this policy.

Policy approved by the Appomattox Regional Library System Board of Trustees 9/18/2012.

To request a room reservation online, click "I Accept" below.

To cancel an existing reservation, click below. Confirmation number is required.