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Best on the Web – Save a Bundle at the Pump

Are you planning to buy a new or used car in 2011? If you are, I’m sure you’ve done your homework in an effort to save money and spend wisely. But it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed by all of the options available to you. What model suits your lifestyle? Which manufacturer offers the best warranty? How much are replacements and repairs going to cost? In addition to these questions, you’ve probably considered fuel economy, because you know buying a fuel efficient car saves you money in the long run. The U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have developed a new Web site, FuelEconomy.gov, to provide drivers with valuable side-by-side vehicle comparisons and fuel-saving tips. Data is available for new and used passenger vehicles dating back to 1984, including fuel economy, vehicle-specific air pollution emissions information, and safety ratings. Buying a car is an important decision; FuelEconomy.gov can help you make a smart choice.

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Best on the Web – Smart Shopping Made Easy

Your holiday shopping is done. All of your gifts are wrapped and waiting patiently under the tree. It’s time for you to put up your feet and rest until December 25. Raise your hand where we can see it if this doesn’t sound anything at all like your situation. Not to fear; you are not alone. In fact, my holiday shopping list seems to grow a little more each time I check off an item. But I have a secret weapon to help me knock out holiday shopping, and do it as smart and efficiently as possible. ConsumerSearch, recognized by TIME.com and an official 2009 Webby Award honoree, offers precise product information, expert reviews, and objective recommendations, all in an effort to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. ConsumerSearch is similar to the popular Consumer Reports and features many of the same product categories, including electronics, home & garden, computers & Internet, and automotive. Users can search for reviews for a particular item or browse categories for a list of the best reviewed items and product trends. Make the most of the remaining shopping days by starting your perfect holiday gift hunt with ConsumerSearch.

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Best on the Web – Have a Healthful Holiday Season

Have you recovered from Thanksgiving yet? While we can all joke about our expanding waistlines this week, I pose that question with more seriousness than sarcasm. Health-wise, the holidays can be a challenging time for many Americans. The holidays bring added stress, which can lead to depression and overeating. Stress can also weaken your immune system, increasing your risk for the flu or other airborne illnesses. In the hustle and bustle ahead, it’s important that we all make time for necessary doctor visits and stay informed about our health and well being. Staying healthy is the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season. Check out these websites to learn more:

Not sure what ails you? Try the quick and easy symptom checker. While you’re perusing this site, be sure to explore the free disease and illness index, tips for keeping up with and treating pre-existing conditions, and seasonal health advice.

Mayo Clinic
Just like WebMD, this website features a symptom checker and illness guide. In addition to these valuable tools, Mayo Clinic offers a free personalized health management plan, drug and supplement  information, healthy recipes and advice, and more.

There are a lot of flu myths circulating out there. Be flu-smart this year by learning how you can prevent and treat the flu, understanding vaccination risks and benefits, and discovering ways to better protect children and seniors.

Don’t stop here! There’s a wealth of information and resources available at www.FindItVA.com. Try searching for “health,” “medical,” or names of specific illnesses.

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Best on the Web – Listen to What You Like

Ralph Jones Group performs holiday favorites
at the Hopewell Library Dec 7 @ 7 pm

How much do you love your iPod? If you’re like me, you adore your iPod because it gives you the ability to be choosy about the music you listen to. My music tastes change often, and while my iPod lets me create a personalized playlist, sometimes I don’t want to purchase songs for my iPod based on a 30-second preview, or songs that I may listen to only a handful of times. Pandora Internet radio is perfect for days when I’m in the mood for something different. Pandora users can create and save up to 100 FREE customized “stations” based on their unique music tastes. Just enter in a genre, band, artist, or song you enjoy and Pandora will create a catered playlist of similar singers and songs. Standard radio gives listeners only two choices: listen or don’t listen. But Pandora Internet radio gives you unlimited choices based on your changing music tastes.

Listen up, music lovers! Appomattox Regional Library is hosting a Holiday Music Series. Join us for these FREE concerts:

Fort Lee Army Band
December 2 @ 7 pm

Ralph Jones Group
December 7 @ 7 pm

Want to learn more? Click here for a list of music-related books and media.

Did you know that you have free access to many popular magazines, such as Spin or Billboard, through www.FindItVA.com? You can even create a custom RSS feed so that you’re notified the instant a new issue is added! Click through for the Spin Magazine RSS feed or the Billboard Magazine RSS feed.

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Best on the Web – Create a Web Site for Free

Web publishing is no longer the exclusive domain of coders and designers. These days, anyone with basic desktop publishing experience and a familiarity with the World Wide Web can create and publish a professional looking web site. Google Sites is a web-based application that enables users to create and customize web pages from templates. Choose from a variety of templates for nonprofit organizations, small businesses, sports teams, family history, common interest groups, classrooms, and more. If you can’t find a template to suit your needs, you have the ability to develop unique web designs from scratch. No HTML or coding knowledge is necessary. Google markets the Sites application as a simple, swift, and effective way to develop a web presence for free. Notable features include group editing capabilities, embedded content (e.g., videos, documents, presentations, etc.), single-click page creation, straightforward and thorough support, and access to Google search technology. Users must have a Google account in order to access the Sites application.

Want to learn more? Check out these titles:

Google Sites & Chrome for Dummies by Ryan Teeter
025.24 Tee

User-Centered Web Design by John Cato
025.04 Cat

Creating Web Pages for Dummies by Bud E. Smith
005.72 Smi

Web Design Basics by Todd S. Stubbs
001.64 St94

Starting an Online Business for Dummies by Greg Holden
658.84 Hol

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