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Art Exhibit: LIFE IN WOOD

The “Life in Wood” exhibit features scenes from nature recreated in wood and paint by Vita Davenport of Dewitt, Virginia. Ms. Davenport works with watercolors and “pyrography,” or “writing with fire.” Pyrography is created by using carefully applied heat to make images out of burn marks.

Visit “Life in Wood,” on display at the Hopewell Library, from May 1 through June 27. A portion of this exhibit is also on view at the Dinwiddie Library and Prince George County Library. For more information on this and other exhibits, visit http://www.arls.org/services/art-in-the-library/current-exhibitions/.


The flowers on the right are an example of pyrography, and those on the left are watercolor on paper. Click to enlarge the images, and note that each dark line sketching the flowers and vase in the first bouquet is made with tiny controlled burn marks.



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Art Exhibit “Harvest” in All ARLS Branches


Art Finale Images 2

Harvest Exbihits

“Harvest” is the summer art exhibit finale and can be visited at any branch near you.  Revisit this summer’s exhibit pieces in new locations:

Burrowsville: Robert E.Lee by Laci Brockwell

Carson: Tiger Lilies by Laci Brockwell

Dinwiddie: Tiki Head by Laci Brockwell; Manana Island by Patricia Munford

Disputanta: Peanut Digger by Brad Hale

Hopewell: Home Life by Rebecca Rose

McKenney:  Hibiscus by Laci Brockwell

Prince George: Cooling Waters by Patricia Munford

Rohoic:  Sun and Moon by Laci Brockwell

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