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Learn about a Prince George WWII Veteran at the Prince George Library

Pay tribute to our Veterans at the Prince George Library on Thursday, November 10th at 6:00 pm as the library welcomes author James Breig. Mr. Breig is the author of Searching for Sgt. Bailey: Saluting an Ordinary Soldier of World War II which chronicles the life of Army Sgt. James Boisseau Bailey, a Prince George man serving in World War II.

Inspired by letters found in an antique shop, James Breig began to search them for telltale clues to the soldier’s life and for hidden hints about Sgt. Bailey’s fears, worries, and hopes. Through this search Searching for Sgt. Bailey was born and Mr. Breig reclaims one forgotten serviceman from obscurity while also capturing Army life during this time.

Edward Zapletal, publisher for History Magazine, says “It’s a human failing that we take for granted the efforts of those who toil in the background … James Breig gives us reason to pause and live a few moments in the life of Sergeant Bailey, an average World War II soldier. Let’s not forget him or any of the others, regardless of the conflict or the size of their sacrifices.”

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Best on the Web – Learn a New Language

Has learning a new language been on your to do list for ages? You already know the advantages of being multilingual, but the difficulties associated with learning a new language are holding you back. Perhaps you don’t have the time or money for formal classes, and online tutorials advance too quickly or don’t meet your unique needs. Fortunately, now there are online resources that reduce or eliminate these obstacles. The following free and low-cost online language instruction systems are self-paced and allow students to decide how much or how little time and effort they devote to learning.

BBC Languages provides free audio, video and print lessons in more than 40 different languages. Beginner courses contain 12 weeks worth of material and optional email tips.

Livemocha is the world’s largest online language learning community, offering free and paid online language courses in 35 languages.

Check out foreign language books at your local ARLS branch!

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Best on the Web – Save Money on Tutors this Summer

Summer vacation is finally here; but for struggling students, summer isn’t always a welcome break. Just because classes are out doesn’t mean you can put the brakes on learning, especially if you want to catch up by the fall. If you’re having trouble with college level courses, or if you’re the parent of a middle or high school student struggling to keep up, you should know there are websites offering quality instruction at no cost. Tutoring is a great and effective method to improve your knowledge and skills, but if you don’t have the money to spend, or if you prefer self-paced learning, consider Khan Academy and the OWL at Purdue. Khan Academy features 2,100 videos and 100 exercises and assessments covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history. While there are a variety of topics covered, this site focuses on Math and Science. If you need to build grammar and writing skills this summer, the OWL, which stands for Online Writing Lab, is a lifesaver. Topics include beginning writing, conducting research, proofreading, and APA and MLA style guides. Depth and detail of instruction set these two sites apart from other instructional content on the web. There are no simplistic overviews, instead users benefit from comprehensive, interactive, and authoritative learning resources.

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Best on the Web – Explanation Videos Make Learning Fun

Have you ever read a lengthy user’s manual or listened to someone as they tried to explain a complex tool, subject or idea? You probably felt your eyes begin to glaze over and your head start to ache. Am I right? Lee and Sachi LeFever of Seattle, Washington recognized the need for straightforward instruction that would engage people instead of confusing them. The LeFevers launched Common Craft in 2007 and began making videos that explain complex topics in a simple, fun way. “Explainer videos” cover subjects that matter in the 21st Century such as green living, society, money, and technology. The money and technology videos are particularly well done and useful for individuals and professionals. If you’ve ever wanted to learn about compound interest, borrowing and investing money, cloud computing, or social media, Common Craft has helpful videos to get you started. Browse and view the collection of more than 30 videos and counting. And don’t forget to check out similar companies in the Explainer Network. Several of the partners’ websites feature free instructional videos.

Couldn’t find a video to meets your educational needs? If you’re still looking for information, take advantage of the resources available at www.FindItVA.com. Simply type a subject word or phrase in the search field to access newspapers, journals, encyclopedias, and more!

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Best on the Web – Learn Job Skills for Free!

What’s holding you back from a well-paying and satisfying career? These days, competition for jobs is fierce; it takes more than experience and a strong work ethic to set yourself apart from other job seekers. If you’re like a lot of us, you want to develop your professional skills and knowledge fast. But classes and training cost time and money. If you’re short on one or both, take a few moments to check out Virginia Workforce Connection’s list of free Online Learning Resources. The range and depth of learning opportunities available through this web site are impressive. From Microsoft Office programs and human resource management, to effective communication and engineering, this site provides access to university style courses and expertly-written, self-guided instruction. Build expertise for your current job, prepare for the next level, or develop more marketable skills for your job search.

The goal is to never stop learning. Remember to take advantage of the information and resources available at www.FindItVA.com. Simply type a subject word or phrase in the search field to get started!

Job Seekers Workshop

January 24, 5:30 p.m.

Hopewell Library

Join us for this exciting (and FREE!) workshop where job seekers will learn tips for navigating career web sites, how to use email to contact employers, and suggestions for writing and sending resumes. All participants will receive an informative resource guide to help them maximize their job seeking efforts. Call 804.458.6329 x1005 to register.

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