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Best on the Web – Have a Healthful Holiday Season

Have you recovered from Thanksgiving yet? While we can all joke about our expanding waistlines this week, I pose that question with more seriousness than sarcasm. Health-wise, the holidays can be a challenging time for many Americans. The holidays bring added stress, which can lead to depression and overeating. Stress can also weaken your immune system, increasing your risk for the flu or other airborne illnesses. In the hustle and bustle ahead, it’s important that we all make time for necessary doctor visits and stay informed about our health and well being. Staying healthy is the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season. Check out these websites to learn more:

Not sure what ails you? Try the quick and easy symptom checker. While you’re perusing this site, be sure to explore the free disease and illness index, tips for keeping up with and treating pre-existing conditions, and seasonal health advice.

Mayo Clinic
Just like WebMD, this website features a symptom checker and illness guide. In addition to these valuable tools, Mayo Clinic offers a free personalized health management plan, drug and supplement  information, healthy recipes and advice, and more.

There are a lot of flu myths circulating out there. Be flu-smart this year by learning how you can prevent and treat the flu, understanding vaccination risks and benefits, and discovering ways to better protect children and seniors.

Don’t stop here! There’s a wealth of information and resources available at www.FindItVA.com. Try searching for “health,” “medical,” or names of specific illnesses.

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