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An Evening with Mark Twain

Mark Twain portrayer, Gary Robertson, will be at the Historic Dinwiddie Courthouse,  May 5 at 7 p.m. for a FREE presentation.

Mark Twain portrayer, Gary Robertson, will be at the Historic Dinwiddie Courthouse, May 5 at 7 p.m. for a FREE presentation.

Gary Robertson, historical interpreter,  will perform as Mark Twain at the Friends of the Library, Dinwiddie spring meeting on Monday, May 5 at 7:00 p.m.  Prepare yourself for an evening of insights and stories from the entertaining Mr. Twain.  Refreshments will be served.  The Dinwiddie Historical Society will provide the venue at the Historic Dinwiddie Courthouse, adjacent to the Dinwiddie Library.

Mr. Robertson, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Richmond, has been a newspaper reporter for The Richmond Times-Dispatch, director of special projects for Virginia Commonwealth University, an adjunct professor of journalism at Randolph-Macon, and a disc jockey.  He says that channeling Mark Twain is his favorite pursuit.

Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 1835-1910), is an American legend — steamboat pilot, novelist, and the nation’s most celebrated storyteller.  As a man who could make anybody laugh,  he always sprinkled his humorous sayings with a little vinegar. “Heaven goes by favor,” Twain said. “If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”  He scolded politicians, praised the common man and found humor in nearly everything.  As Twain would say, “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”

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Local History: Archeology Display and Program on Fort Lee at Prince George

Native Americans, colonial settlers, British and Patriot Revolutionary War soldiers, civil war troops, and turn of the century farmers visited the land that became Camp Lee and eventually Fort Lee. Visit the Prince George Library any time this July to see a special display of artifacts from Fort Lee’s grounds, on loan from the Regional Archaeological Curation Facility.


Amanda Vtipil at work at City Point.

Amanda Vtipil at work at City Point.

On July 18th, 6:30 p.m., hear a presentation from Amanda Vtipil, Curator with the Regional Archaeological Curation Facility. Ms. Vtipil, a Prince George County native, will discuss the archeology of this historically rich property. The presentation is free and open to all ages, and no registration is required.

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Titanic Presentation at the Dinwiddie Library


In time for the anniversary of its tragic first and only  voyage,  “Titanic: The Hometown Connection” will tell the story of the ill-fated liner and her connections to the region, presented by Jeanie Langford. The program will be at the Dinwiddie Library on Thursday, April 11th at 7 pm and is free to the public. Ms. Langford will provide information on Robert W. Daniel, “The Master of Brandon,” and his escape from the sinking ship along with his first wife Mrs.Lucien P. Smith, who was also a Titanic survivor. Attendees will also hear about local connections to the Olympic (the Titanic’s sister).

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Learn about a Prince George WWII Veteran at the Prince George Library

Pay tribute to our Veterans at the Prince George Library on Thursday, November 10th at 6:00 pm as the library welcomes author James Breig. Mr. Breig is the author of Searching for Sgt. Bailey: Saluting an Ordinary Soldier of World War II which chronicles the life of Army Sgt. James Boisseau Bailey, a Prince George man serving in World War II.

Inspired by letters found in an antique shop, James Breig began to search them for telltale clues to the soldier’s life and for hidden hints about Sgt. Bailey’s fears, worries, and hopes. Through this search Searching for Sgt. Bailey was born and Mr. Breig reclaims one forgotten serviceman from obscurity while also capturing Army life during this time.

Edward Zapletal, publisher for History Magazine, says “It’s a human failing that we take for granted the efforts of those who toil in the background … James Breig gives us reason to pause and live a few moments in the life of Sergeant Bailey, an average World War II soldier. Let’s not forget him or any of the others, regardless of the conflict or the size of their sacrifices.”

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Best on the Web – Find Virginia Historical Markers

Photo courtesy of VDHR

If you have driven Virginia’s roadways, chances are you have seen one of the more than 2,000 historical markers that provide travelers with information about noteworthy people, places, or events in Virginia history. The marker program began in 1927 recognizing Virginia’s “great men,” colonial buildings, and events of the American Revolution and Civil War. By the late 1970s, the marker program’s focus expanded, and in recent years a concerted effort was made to shape a program that reflects the full diversity of Virginia’s rich historic legacy by developing markers that deal with significant people, places, and events in African American, Native American, and women’s history. Examples of markers include Booker T. Washington’s Birthplace; the Pamunkey Indians; Mary Randolph, author of the first regional cookbook in 1824; and the song “The Wreck of the Old 97.”

These free databases provide access to photos and information about Virginia’s markers. Use them to plot your own history themed day trip or brush up on historical facts in your area.

Virginia Department of Historic Resources – Historical Highway Markers
Search by keyword, location, marker number, or category. This site features customizable Google Maps.

A new and convenient tool that allows users to search by topic and/or location. This site features a Virginia SOL guide and email notifications when markers are erected or replaced.

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Hear haunting tales at the Prince George Library

Author L. B. Taylor shares ghost stories October 13th at 6 pm in Prince George.

Virginia author L. B. Taylor brings mystery and mayhem to the Prince George Library Thursday, October 13th at 6:00 pm. Mr. Taylor has researched psychic phenomena in Virginia and will be sharing his ghostly discoveries with those who attend this free event.

This event is a part of the Appomattox Regional Library System’s month of Mystery and Mayhem this October. The mayhem continues with events for teens, tweens and little goblins later in the month and wraps up with a visit from author Beth Brown in Dinwiddie on October 28th. For more information on this and all other programming at the library, please call 804-861-0322.

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Community Activity: History Mobile Coming to Dinwiddie County

Virginia’s Civil War History Mobile is an 18-wheeler is filled with interactive, multi-sensory exhibits and activities. Touring through the exhibit a visitor will enter a chaos-filled battle environment experienced by soldiers, examine the lives of wartime civilians, and learn about the slaves who tried to escape to freedom and those who chose to stay where they lived. It rolls into Dinwiddie County for a four-day visit Thursday, August 18th, through Sunday, August 21st. The exhibit, an initiative of the Virginia Sesquicentennial of the Civil War Commission and reserved by the Dinwiddie County Sesquicentennial Committee, will be located at the Dinwiddie County Fair at the Virginia Motorsports Park on Boydton Plank Road, and will be open daily. Admission is free to the exhibit, however parking is $5 per carload to enter the fair.

School children of all ages are encouraged to attend and will receive a token as a reminder of their visit.

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Best on the Web – Explore Virginia’s History, Culture & People

A dance group rehearses in one of Richmond's parks. This image is one of 5,675 Virginia scenes contained in the 1939 World's Fair Photograph Collection. Library of Virginia Prints & Photographs Division. LVA C1:1/04/08/024

Encyclopedia Virginia is the first and ultimate online reference work about the Commonwealth. It aggregates in a single resource information on Virginia history, business, politics, and geography, plus the state’s proud heritage in the arts, religion, culture, and folklife. The Encyclopedia is in the early stage of development, but as it grows, it will also explore areas of science, medicine, education, and technology, and interpret the state’s significance to the people of Virginia, the nation, and the world. This website already offers a rich collection of articles, sound and video excerpts, maps, images, and reference—great for Virginia historians and students alike. Users can create personal accounts to track research and cross-reference resources. Teachers can browse entries by state SOLs. And my favorite part of this website is the customizable Google map of Virginia event locations. Simply hover over or click on map markers to view related encyclopedia entries.

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Best on the Web – Save Money on Tutors this Summer

Summer vacation is finally here; but for struggling students, summer isn’t always a welcome break. Just because classes are out doesn’t mean you can put the brakes on learning, especially if you want to catch up by the fall. If you’re having trouble with college level courses, or if you’re the parent of a middle or high school student struggling to keep up, you should know there are websites offering quality instruction at no cost. Tutoring is a great and effective method to improve your knowledge and skills, but if you don’t have the money to spend, or if you prefer self-paced learning, consider Khan Academy and the OWL at Purdue. Khan Academy features 2,100 videos and 100 exercises and assessments covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history. While there are a variety of topics covered, this site focuses on Math and Science. If you need to build grammar and writing skills this summer, the OWL, which stands for Online Writing Lab, is a lifesaver. Topics include beginning writing, conducting research, proofreading, and APA and MLA style guides. Depth and detail of instruction set these two sites apart from other instructional content on the web. There are no simplistic overviews, instead users benefit from comprehensive, interactive, and authoritative learning resources.

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Best on the Web – Biographies of Notable Women

Suffragettes Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton fought for women's rights.

March is National Women’s History Month. Take time this month to celebrate the achievements of exceptional female leaders, artists, entertainers, trailblazers, and thinkers who helped shape our nation. You can do so by learning and sharing their stories with others. Biography Channel’s Biography.com features brief and extended biographies, rare photos, educational videos, and more. Type in the search term “women” to begin exploring the fascinating lives of notable figures including Harriet Tubman, Annie Oakley, Audrey Hepburn, Abigail Adams, Susan B. Anthony, and Isadora Duncan.

Appomattox Regional Library System has a variety of resources pertaining to women in history and suffrage.  And be sure to take advantage of the resources available at www.FindItVA.com. Simply type a subject word or phrase in the search field to access newspapers, journals, encyclopedias, and more.

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