Always wanted to learn a foreign language? Have you tried books and DVDs and didn't feel like it worked? Well, the library has a great new product for you! ARLS would like to introduce Pronunciator, an interactive online language learning service!

Now you can learn up to 80 languages (or learn from 50 non-English languages) in a fun and effective way, at home or on the go! This program incorporates vocabulary flashcards, quizzes, movies/radio/poems in the language you are learning (with subtitles that give exact translations), kid-friendly courses, and specialized courses for particular needs like interview practice for those seeking employment in a foreign country, and 8-week travel prep course, "words on the street", and even "Words for Women" which helps women discourage unwanted attention in a culturally-appropriate manner.  The program focuses on both spoken and written skills, and some languages where tone and intonation are important have additional voice comparison features as well.

Patrons can register using their ARLS library card and an email address, and thereafter the system will remember and save your progress as you work through lessons. The next time you log in, you'll be able to pick up right where you left off!

Pronunciator also provides downloadable lessons for listening to in the car, or for practice where there is no internet or mobile phone service. There is also a printable phrasebook for quick-reference. The program can be accessed though the web on a home (or library) computer, as well as on smart phones and tablets using the free Pronunciator app.

You can access Pronunciator and get registered by clicking here

You can access the Spanish version of the site by clicking here