Kindle E-Readers

Appomattox Regional Library has several kindle e-readers that come loaded with various titles and genres. These kindles are available for checkout.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions section below for some general information and guidelines to get you started!


  • Who can check out a Kindle? Any ARLS patron with a library card in good standing.
  • Where/how do I check out a Kindle? Kindles can be requested at the circulation desk. You can also put a Kindle from another ARLS location on hold, to be sent to your branch. Or put one on hold that is currently checked out by another patron. This can be done through our website, over the phone, or in person.
  • What are all these little...I can't find the the 'on' switch...I don't understand how to use this blasted thing!!...a little help? If you've never used an eReader before, it can be confusing to get started. Click here to learn how to turn the Kindle on, how to get to the next page, open a new book, and what all those other little buttons do. 
  • How do I return a Kindle? Kindles should be returned in person to a staff member, who will then check the Kindle to ensure it is in working order. Please do not put Kindles in the book drop at any branch...this could cause damage to the device.
  • How long can I borrow the Kindle? Kindles circulate for 14 days with the opportunity to renew for a maximum of 10 weeks, unless it is on hold for someone else.
  • What happens if I lose/break or don't bring back the Kindle? If the Kindle is not returned, lost, or is broken, the replacement cost is $150.00 (so please treat them with care!)
  • Can I buy eBooks on my own Amazon account and add them to the library's Kindle, or register the Kindle to my own account? No. Our Kindles may not be re-registered under another person's Amazon account, de-activated, or have eBooks added to them by the patron. When checking out a Kindle, you are agreeing to not attempt to register the device under your own account, or use it for any purpose other than to access the pre-loaded titles.
  • Can I request eBooks to be added? Of course! We welcome any titles or category suggestions for future purchases. The Kindle program is very new and we are just getting started...we would love any feedback we can get from patrons and will take those suggestions into consideration when purchasing new titles. You can make requests by emailing Anne Rappe-Epperson at

Kindle Title Lists

ARLS has endeavored to provide a variety of eBooks for the benefit of our community. We hope to be able to add to these collections as time goes on. At present, each Kindle includes a category or genre of books, such as romance, teen favorites, sci-fi, or bestsellers. They feature one popular author, such as James Patterson, and then also...

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