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Borrow free music, movies, TV episodes, and audiobooks and now eBooks and comics with your library card! With Hoopla you can download or stream directly to your home computer, tablet, or cell phone.

No software to install, no holds list, no late fine...no waiting.

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If you are experiencing any problems with checking out items from Hoopla, please visit our FAQs page for common issues or contact Hoopla Help

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To check out an item, you can browse the categories, or do a search for an item. When you have found it, click Borrow, and then hit the Play button to start streaming right away...it's that's easy!

You can also click on the little cloud icon and download the whole file to your device...that way you can watch/listen even without an internet connection.

And, it gets even better:

  • There is no extra software to install...view right on your computer or mobile device or you can download the app on any device.
  • There are no lines to wait in...get the item you want on the day you want it without having to put it on hold.
  • There are no late fines...when your item has expired, it deletes itself. You can then check it out again if you haven't finished with it.


Hoopla FAQ

NOTE: If you've been experiencing trouble checking items out from Hoopla, please bear with us. Due to an increased number of users on the service and with the budget amount allocated for Hoopla, we are finding that the budget caps we have in place for daily usage and monthly limits are being reached much more quickly than in the past....

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