Hoopla collection contains digital music, digital audiobooks, electronic comic books, electronic books, movies, and tv episodes available for viewing or downloading. ARLS customers get 4 checkouts total a month. Select Appomattox Regional Library System as your home library. You will have to enter your library card number, a password, and a valid email.

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If you've been experiencing trouble checking items out from Hoopla, please bear with us. Due to an increased number of users on the service and with the budget amount allocated for Hoopla, we are finding that the budget caps we have in place for daily usage and monthly limits are being reached much more quickly than in the past. We are working on a solution and are so grateful that such a large number of patrons are interested in using Hoopla.  We've had to make some changes to allow for more fair access to Hoopla materials, but hope to be able to raise the limits in the future. We hope that you continue to try to support the service while we work towards a solution!