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The Appomattox Regional Library System’s volunteer program

Our mission is to encourage and expand the involvement of community volunteers. Youth and adult volunteers will work with the staff to provide service to others by supporting, preserving, and promoting free and easy access to ideas and information.

The Library believes that volunteers are an important human resource. They have the right to be treated as co-workers, trained in a professional manner, and given richly deserved recognition.

The library benefits from the volunteer program in many ways.

  • Volunteers create a positive image of the library in the community.
  • Volunteers demonstrate community support for the library.
  • Volunteers bring information about local ideas, issues and concerns to the library so that the staff and administration can better meet community needs.
  • Volunteers bring their unique abilities and skills to the library. In turn, volunteers may receive training, which gives them new technical, administrative, or customer service skills.
  • Volunteers learn about the "behind-the-scenes" operation of the library. They become allies in promoting library services and programs to the community.
  • For young adults, volunteering can afford opportunities to meet requirements for community service hours for school or service organizations.

The exchange of ideas between volunteers and the library staff benefits the library as part of positive and essential public relations.

At this time, we do not accept court-ordered community service.

For more information, contact Megan Kitchen at 804-458-6329 x 2001 or by e-mail at mkitchen@arls.org.

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