Animals Along the Appomattox

October 1- 31st, 2019

Animals Along the Appomattox is a full month of love and support for local shelters and our pets! We will host 3 adoption fairs, collect donations, showcase adoptable animals, show animal-themed films, and host a lecture on Secretariat. Check our Explore for more information on all our programs!

Donation lists will be available closer to October.

AAA Mascot Hunt!

For an event this special we needed a mascot, and staff members were all too excited to submit pictures of their pets to be considered as the mascot. We had 26 animals submitted ranging from roosters, a big named Nacho, to lapdogs. On September 6th we will announce our mascot, but enterprising patrons might Explore to find the answer early. Check out a few of our runner-ups in the meantime!