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Searching Online

Since a lot of jobs are now being advertised through internet sites, and have required electronic applications, you may find yourself spending a lot of time searching for jobs online. Some of the common websites used by job seekers are

Free Career Resouces


  • Find jobs in your area
  • Read ratings and reviews of companies you want to work for
  • Discover what salaries people are making in the position you're interested in
  • Prepare for your interview by looking at other applicant experiences
  • Use the blog to read up on how to stand out among the crowd, enhance  your resume, and other key pieces of job-seeker advice

Career Transition helps you find jobs, explore new career paths, prepare for interviews, and provides resume help. Available to you thanks to the Library of Virginia. All you need to create an account is to choose a username or use your email address and a password. You can access the registration page by clicking here.

Virginia Workforce Connection: Online Learning Resources

Although librarians often do not have time to sit down with a patron for extended amounts of time, we can help you find some of these websites and get you started using them. You may also consider visiting the Virginia Employment Commission in Petersburg, as they are able to spend more time with job seekers one-on-one to find and apply for jobs.