Glassdoor is an online career community where past and current employees submit company reviews, salaries, and interview information. There is also a job board and some really great blogs that give advice to new and experienced job seekers alike. Find out what it's really like to work for a company through our employer reviews section, or figure out what you might expect to earn in your new career.  With information on over 300,000 companies and 5 million reviews, can give you the inside scoop on your next job.   

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What you can do with Glassdoor:
- Find jobs in your area
- Read ratings and reviews of companies you want to work for
- Discover what salaries people are making in the position you're interested in
- Prepare for your interview by looking at other applicant experiences
- Use the blog to read up on how to stand out among the crowd, enhance  your resume, and other key pieces of job-seeker advice
How your library is helping you:
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