Exhibit: “Visions of Change and Renewal” at Hopewell and Prince George

In her two-part exhibit, photographer Sharon Heyward connects the adversity and perseverance old buildings reveal to that of her own experience as an African American growing up in Newark, NJ. Ms. Heyward currently resides in Hopewell.

Each part of this exhibit will be on display February 1 through February 27 in two locations:
Hopewell - “A Dream Deferred: Visions Of Change And Renewal.”
Prince George - “Sweet Home Virginia: Visions Of Change And Renewal.”


2013-09-12_1378945721I find that I am especially drawn to windows and doors. Perhaps it is because they offer a way to enter into new great possibilities, or allow one to see into a bright new future.I was raised by my grandmother who would often take me to the Hahne's department store in downtown Newark as a child where I would marvel at the fine furnishings, shiny floors and lovely clothing. Even now, many years later, although the building is abandoned, filthy, decaying and crumbling, I am still drawn to it as it is still beautiful.

Why am I drawn to crumbling brick walls, abandoned houses, decaying doors and buildings? ... They are all still standing and have faced the ravages of time and circumstance and still have a voice that speaks to me. They inspire me to keep moving forward despite the adversities I have faced or the circumstances in which I may find myself. They inspire me not to accept stereotypes that have chased me my entire life. They inspire me to stand tall, although broken and weathered, and to still have hope and to dream of mighty dreams....  have been ravaged by urban decay and yet are still strong and I do not want them or their proud African American residents forgotten.

--Sharon Heyward