Preserving Your History

In December of 2019, a large number of similar illnesses started popping up in Wuhan, China. This was identified as a new coronavirus and named COVID-19, an acronym that stands for coronavirus disease 2019. By February 2020 the U.S. was reporting cases. In March the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, and multiple states started lockdowns, closing all non-essential businesses, schools, and encouraging or ordering people to stay home. On March 15, Appomattox Regional Library System closed all physical locations to help flatten the curve and limit the spread. Most lockdowns initially had two-week time limits but were extended as cases spread.

In response, we are launching a program to document people’s experiences during this Pandemic. Please take a minute and reflect on your experiences during this public health crisis and answer our survey below. The purpose of this project is to share our experiences and have it for future generations. We want to guard your privacy, but we would like for you to share your names with us as it adds a personal nature and allows for greater connection.

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What we are looking for: 

  • Fill out the survey by clicking above.
  • Or send us responses to the following questions via mail to the Appomattox Regional Library System, 209 E Cawson St., Hopewell, VA 23860:
      • Name, age, where you live (i.e. Colonial Heights, Chesterfield, Petersburg, Hopewell, Prince George, Dinwiddie, etc.).
      • May we use your full name, or your first name, or would you prefer to remain anonymous?
      • Phone Number (will not be made publicly available)
      • Are you interested in being contacted for a follow-up interview? 
      • What surprised you about this Pandemic? 
      • What did you struggle with the most?
      • What brought you the most joy?
      • What did you have difficulty finding in stores?
      • How has lockdown affected your life?
      • If you have school age children or are a teacher, how did your school district adapt or not adapt to the situation?
      • How has the pandemic affected your job? Were you laid off or furloughed?
  • Once we reopen we will collect diaries, documents, or photographs either digitally or in person. Copies can be made, so originals can be returned to you. Details will be posted here once we reopen. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at