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Best on the Web – Get Weather Info Before You Go

Weather is unpredictable this time of year. If you’re like me, your mornings are a mad dash and you have no time to wait for television forecasts. As a result, you’ve probably gotten caught out in the rain without your umbrella recently. The Weather Channel’s Weather.com is a fast and easy online alternative to their national coverage and Local on the 8’s. Simply type in your current location, or where you’re headed, to get up-to-the-minute and daily forecasts. Weather predictions are also available for the upcoming weekend, and next 5, 10, and 30 days. In addition to forecasts, Weather.com features breaking news and video of extreme weather across the nation. I use this website often to plan what I’m going to wear, what my weekend activities will be, and what to expect when I’m on vacation. Add Weather.com to you bookmarks and never be caught off guard by fickle Mother Nature again.

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