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Best on the Web – Swap and Save on DVDs, CDs & Books

Saving money shouldn’t mean you have to give up the movies, music, and books you love. Online swapping websites now offer users the opportunity to trade their unwanted items for items they may have had to purchase at full price otherwise. The best part is, you receive items for free or for a low fee and only have to pay a few dollars to ship the things you no longer want. Signing up to swap is simple and fast. Visit these sites to get started.

Choose from more than 5 million available fiction, nonfiction, and textbook titles.

With more than 225,000 movies listed, you could start building your home theater collection for as little as $1.90 per title (average cost to ship).

Browse and request from more than 300,000 artists and albums in a variety of styles and eras.

Online swapping is growing in popularity. Want to learn more about this modern bartering system? Read news and magazine articles about this topic and others for free using www.FindItVA.com. Simply type a subject word or phrase in the search field to access newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, and more.

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