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Best on the Web – Free How-To Help

Don’t let the name scare you away—The Beehive is a website worth visiting. Since 2001, when The Beehive was launched by the D.C.-based non-profit, One Economy, it has helped more than 18 million people worldwide connect to educational tools and services to inform and empower people to improve their lives. This site is buzzing with free how-to help related to money, health, jobs, school and housing. Some of the current articles include a back-to-school guide, food stamp eligibility tool, and a gestational diabetes factsheet. A brief exploration reveals in-depth financial and savings advice, health tips and assistance, employment coaching, computer training, college preparation guides, and homebuyer help. Registered users enjoy additional perks, such as printable coupons and the ability to set their location and view local services and resources. Content is updated regularly to reflect seasonal needs and current trends.

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Best on the Web – Explore Virginia’s History, Culture & People

A dance group rehearses in one of Richmond's parks. This image is one of 5,675 Virginia scenes contained in the 1939 World's Fair Photograph Collection. Library of Virginia Prints & Photographs Division. LVA C1:1/04/08/024

Encyclopedia Virginia is the first and ultimate online reference work about the Commonwealth. It aggregates in a single resource information on Virginia history, business, politics, and geography, plus the state’s proud heritage in the arts, religion, culture, and folklife. The Encyclopedia is in the early stage of development, but as it grows, it will also explore areas of science, medicine, education, and technology, and interpret the state’s significance to the people of Virginia, the nation, and the world. This website already offers a rich collection of articles, sound and video excerpts, maps, images, and reference—great for Virginia historians and students alike. Users can create personal accounts to track research and cross-reference resources. Teachers can browse entries by state SOLs. And my favorite part of this website is the customizable Google map of Virginia event locations. Simply hover over or click on map markers to view related encyclopedia entries.

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Best on the Web – Explanation Videos Make Learning Fun

Have you ever read a lengthy user’s manual or listened to someone as they tried to explain a complex tool, subject or idea? You probably felt your eyes begin to glaze over and your head start to ache. Am I right? Lee and Sachi LeFever of Seattle, Washington recognized the need for straightforward instruction that would engage people instead of confusing them. The LeFevers launched Common Craft in 2007 and began making videos that explain complex topics in a simple, fun way. “Explainer videos” cover subjects that matter in the 21st Century such as green living, society, money, and technology. The money and technology videos are particularly well done and useful for individuals and professionals. If you’ve ever wanted to learn about compound interest, borrowing and investing money, cloud computing, or social media, Common Craft has helpful videos to get you started. Browse and view the collection of more than 30 videos and counting. And don’t forget to check out similar companies in the Explainer Network. Several of the partners’ websites feature free instructional videos.

Couldn’t find a video to meets your educational needs? If you’re still looking for information, take advantage of the resources available at www.FindItVA.com. Simply type a subject word or phrase in the search field to access newspapers, journals, encyclopedias, and more!

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