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Exhibition: “Spirit in Stone” at Hopewell and Prince George

tintype: A photographic process in which the negative image is produced on a thin coated plate of iron, which is why they are also known as ferrotypes. There is actually no tin involved. Tintypes first appeared in 1854.
cyanotype - A very direct photographic process resulting in monochromatic images in tints and tones of blue. It first appeared in 1842.

 ArtLex Art Dictionary

 Victoria Hall's "Spirit in Stone" is a provocative exhibit of "alternative processing photography." Ms. Hall uses two vintage processes in this exhibit, tintype and cyanotype. The images that result  are timeless and haunting. This exhibit will be at Hopewell and Prince George libraries from September 4 – through November 6.

Victoria Hall is a graduate of Prince George High School and earned an M.F.A. in Studio Art from James Madison University.