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Library Closed for Memorial Day

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loads/2012/05/american_flag-971804-150×112.jpg” alt=”" width=”150″ height=”112″ />All branches of the Appomattox Regional Library System will be closed in honor of Memorial Day, Monday, May 28th. We will reopen on Tuesday, May 29th.

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Poetry Contest – Winning Poems

The poems featured here are subject to U.S. copyright laws and remain property of their respective owners. They are the intellectual property of their authors and are for private and/or personal use only. They cannot be reprinted, or retransmitted, or reproduced in whole or in part and cannot be changed, edited, and/or used in any other format and/or on any other link, blog, or website for any reason without the express written consent of their authors.

by Kelly H., Grades 4 – 8 winner

Moon is climbing
Up her ladder.
Sun’s put to sleep
By animal chatter.

Little mosquitoes
Are starting to swarm,
Although they know
Of the upcoming storm.

A bird’s starting to sing
Its evening song.
The forest is quiet
But not for long.

Soon a bat joins in
With his screeching call.
The forest bursts with life-
It’s a signal to all.

The hunters know now
To ready their guns,
And to watch for deer
Or anything that runs.

Some fishermen are heading home-
Their Enthusiasm deflated-
They haven’t caught a single fish
While worried wives have waited.

Now comes an owl
With his “Hoot! Hoot!” call.
Silent swift wings
And sharp talons scare all.

Then there’s a frog
Flopping her feet
And croaking a tune
To the swamp’s beat.

Then comes the gator
From his rock cave
Into the water
Not one single wave.

Sleek scales of silver
Sinister eyes of gold
Brother of gator
But not quite as old.

Beguiling snake slithers in,
Seeking his tortoise friend,
To join the celebration
Of another day’s end.

Now comes raccoon
Who’s completed his task
Of rummaging through trash-
While wearing his mask.

Then there’s a stray cat-
Half tabby, half Persian-
Preparing to go on
An evening excursion.

Also an Akita
Just 4 months old,
Retreating to her home
Without being told.

Overhead there’s geese
Flying lazily and slow,
Just going with the breeze-
For they have no place to go.

The mice seeking shelter
Have hid in a barn,
Avoiding a cat
As it plays with its yarn.

If a shotgun fires
And makes a deer jolt,
To the hunters’ dismay,
The herd starts to bolt.

Tree soldiers stand guard
And watch over the critters,
Guarding the swamp
And the parents with litters.

At last there’s the lizard,
Longing for a cricket,
Watching the sunset
From inside the thicket.

This is the animals’ story-
It happens every day.
When the sun begins to lower
They all come out and play.

Hiding In the Dark
by ShyAnne S., Grades 9 – 12 winner

ShyAnne S. of Hopewell was the winner in the 9th-12th grade category.

I don’t like hiding in the dark
Sometimes it feels like the only choice
It feels like I was locked inside
No chance of escape
Through one small window
I see the light of the moon as bright as can be
Washing over me like a rainstorm
Like a blanket protecting me
I feel safe when she is in the sky
Then remembering the moon must leave
I get dragged back into the darkness
Then the darkness envelops me again
I sit on the cold, damp floor
Remembering something important
I don’t like hiding in the dark

Hollywood Cemetery
by Julie N., Ages 18 & up winner

Julie N. of Hopewell was the winner in the ages 18 & up category.

A walk-through reads like a city phone book
But out of alphabetical order, the Ms next to the Ss,
The Ps next to the Gs.

Toys on this stone, assorted rocks
Around another, an angel or iron dog standing by
A bench, a cement tree trunk and fence, a cross, a fish hook,
a broken heart laying in the grass.

Nervously I begin to glance about
For my surname among the granite and marble.
Does someone from my family reside here
I wonder and begin to earnestly look not really
Wanting my search to become a mission of its own
As I meander the course of time
On a Sunday afternoon.

The Hollywood Cemetery,
A spot for everyone: Serene, peaceful, quiet.
My kind of place, really.

A stubble-faced skateboarder snakes his way
Down curving grades of shade and sun.
Spotting him I frown.
Is it disrespectful? then turn to follow
His graceful sway
Half-smiling at his silent dance.

The soldiers stand in mixed company
Unlike before in formation now
For eternity stiff-necked, lock-kneed,
No one falls out no matter what
The weather, it’s dress-right-dress
In the straight low rows on the rolling

Stopping at a local pub on my way
Out of town I scribble some thoughts on the back of the directions
I had planned to use to reach the museum.
Today getting lost got me found
In another museum
Of sorts.

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Poetry Contest Winners

Congratulations and a big thanks to everyone who participated in the 2012 Poetry Contest. With so many great poems to choose from, competition was fierce. The votes are in and the winners are…

Grades K – 3
No entrants

Grades 4 – 8
Kelly H. – “Evening”

Grades 9 – 12
ShyAnne S. – “Hiding in the Dark”

Ages 18 and Up
Julie N. – “Hollywood Cemetery”

Click here to read the winning poems.

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Children’s Book Week, May 7 – 13


Celebrate the magic of books during Children

Children’s Book Week is a national event that promotes the idea that children’s books can change lives. We will with a Peter Pan themed scavenger hunt at all ARLS locations all week as well as the following events:

Monday, May 7 ALL DAY: Stop by any of the ARLS library branches to see staff dressed as characters from Peter Pan and take part in our week long scavenger hunt!  Be sure to bring a camera so you can snap photos of your kids with their favorite character.

Monday, May 7 @ 4:30: Join us at the Hopewell Library for a viewing of the newest movie version of Peter Pan. The movie is rated PG and runs 113 minutes. Popcorn and lemonade will be served.

Tuesday, May 8 @ 4:00: Come to the Prince George Library for a second showing of Peter Pan. Popcorn and lemonade will be served.

Wednesday, May 9 @ 4:30: Stop by the Hopewell Library and make your own fairy wings or pirate craft to take home.

Friday, May 11 @ 4:30: Join us for a special meeting of the McKenney Cool Kids Club at the McKenney Library! We will be enjoying refreshments and making fairy and pirate crafts.

In addition to these exciting events, the library will be having a special Mothers themed story time during our normal story time programs. To learn more go to or call 804-458-6329.



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ARLS Now Hiring: Deadline Extended


Library Assistant I (Part-time) $9.35 per hour to work approx. 15 hours per week for Hopewell Library. (High School Diploma or GED required)

To Apply: Please submit your completed application and résumé to no later than May 7, 2012 by 5 p.m. Applications and résumés will not be accepted by fax, by mail, or by in person delivery.

ARLS Employment Application
HQ Circulation Library Assistant I Job Description

Note: Due to technical difficulties with our website, we have extended the original deadline to May 7, 2012 at 5 p.m.

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